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"With my case on or off I couldnít even hear the fan blowing."

The 3Dcool.com Super Duper Slot Fan weighs in at 110 x 90 x 20mm. Not bad at all. Its punch is 3200 Revolutions Per Minute (wow!) and an airflow of 42CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute). If that isnít a big airflow for such a small fan then I donít know what is. So this is a small fan with a big airflow, must be loud right? Nope, not at all. With my case on or off I couldnít even hear the fan blowing. 3DCOOL.com put it best when they said ďSuper Duper Quiet.Ē

How long is the warranty on this thing? Lifetime. If it ever breaks down and I mean ever, 3DCOOL.com will replace it. They must have some confidence this fan will go for a long, long, long time. They give it a Lifetime Warranty. I mean how many products that you buy come with a Lifetime Warranty? Not many that I know of. At least the company has some faith in this product.

Oh yes, the inevitable question, How much does it cost? $18. For only $18 you get a video card cooler that is easy to install, quiet, and even effectively cools your video card. It will easily enhance your overclocking experience along with an amazing Lifetime Warranty. The Super Duper Slot Fan decreased my Video Card temp by 10 degrees Fahrenheit, far more than any other one that I tested.

For Performance I am giving the Super Duper Slot Fan a 9. It should have decreased my video card temperature more than the 10 degrees it did. Its getting a 9 for price as I really felt $15 would have been a good price for this product. Overall its getting a 9 because you canít go wrong cooling your video card with 3DCOOL.comís Super Duper Slot Fan.

by Kevin Perko

Price - 9 Performance - 9 Overall - 9

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