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"Still nothings perfect and SS does the best job there is at snowboarding, for now."

As such the music feels deeply out of touch with the gameplay itself, had it been speeded up from its slow beats then it might have matched it a little better. Videos are also accompanied by this music and so we personally advise that you turn it off completely. This way the feeling of realism can be greatly enhanced because now you can hear the actual sounds of the game without the music and it's really very good.

Support for 3D standards appear to be missing but then since your only going in one direction there really is no need for them. Despite the music the sound is extremely good and worth playing the game just to hear how good it is.


This is about as close as you can get to Snowboarding without actually hitting (literally) the slopes yourself. Graphically stunning, strong and well placed sound with fluid and fast animations for characters. Lacking on the AI front and accompanied by bad music and sometimes being a little to difficult stops this title from being better than it is.

Still nothings perfect and SS does the best job there is at snowboarding, for now.

by Mark 'KILLZAT' Jackson

Graphics - 9 Sound - 8.5 Gameplay - 9 Originality - 9
Overall - 9 (90%)

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