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"I am telling this game is very, very addictive."

The in game graphics are incredible. The pod racers are very detailed, as well as the tracks. They use some fairly high resolution textures (256x256, probably a give in to 3dfx) which give them a very crisp look. Also, the colored lighting is very well done adding to the eye candy during times of extreme racing. The course's environments are varied and well done also. You start out on tantooine (where the original movie's race sequence took place) and travel to other worlds like, naboo, ice capped planets, and many more. Falling rocks, fire, lava, and earthquakes can happen during the race to make each lap a different, and more dangerous one. The only visual glitches I did encounter however was a slight bit of clipping, which can cause some problems. At times, I would go straight through a wall.

I am telling this game is very, very addictive. I would sometimes sit down and race the same track for almost an hour just for the fun of it, and never get tired of it. The computer's AI, is fairly good, if not too good. They seem to know the tracks pretty well and race very aggressively. Normally while racing a track I would crash and and blow up at least 5 times, and even more if it was my first time racing. The AI would almost never even scrap against the sides, let alone actually blow up.

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