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"Good Drivers. Good Image Quality. Good Performance."

The jury is out and their verdict is in. They sentence Elsa to being the leader of graphics cards in the workstation NT environment for life. This card really amazed me. (Here is a picture of the card).

I wasn’t expecting it to be able to do much of anything for gaming but boy was I wrong. There is nothing is card can’t do. Run 3D Studio Max/VIZ with accelerated drivers. Play games. Create web pages. What more could you want. Besides pizza of course…=). So this card has it all. Good Drivers. Good Image Quality. Good Performance. All this at high resolutions. This is a workstation graphics card so there isn’t much need for a games bundle. That would be a good idea though. Something to do during work……….=). I give it a 10.0 for Price. Did I mention this card (16mb version)was available at a great price of $180? The 32MB Version was $215, I know most people may think this is a little price, but don’t forget its main use is entry-level workstation products. For Performance it earns a 10.0. Overall there is nothing I can find wrong with this card. It earns a 10.0 as a workstation/some gaming card. If you need an entry-level workstation card and still want to play games, you gotta have an Elsa SYNERGY II. The SYNERGY II wins Speedy 3D’s Stamp of Approval Award.

by Kevin Perko

Price - 10.0 Performance - 10.0 Overall - 10.0

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