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"Everybody would like System Shock 2, itís perfect..."

Sounding advice indeed
While SS2 is not a multiplayer game in any sense and requires lengthy dedication if you want to make any headway, it is the perfect game for anybody that enjoys a rich and well made mixture of action, strategy, adventure and typical role play. Unlike other games SS2 puts it all together perfectly, it doesnít just try to be a bit of everything, it actually is. Everybody would like SS2, itís perfect, even if the monsters that inhabit the game are your basic run and shoot or hit affair and do it as slow as possible, itís still good despite that naff AI. You can save your progress at any time and the gameplay is never repetitive, itís always demanding something different with the scenery constantly changing. SS2 may be set on a ship, but every level or room is different to the last, which results ultimately in an original and fun game that can be played by anyone.

The Sound in SS2 is perfect, simulating the ambient sounds from different parts of the ship constantly and always with that ever present ship engine hum. Speech is clear and rich and music is mostly well suited to the eerie environment but occasionally a little over pumped when nothing is actually happening. The sound, in that case, is used to the best possible effect, which goes together to create a wholly believable atmosphere. There is support for EAX and DirectSound 3D and overall you will find SS2 to be an original, addictive, detailed, and smooth game to play for anybody.

The Verdict:
System Shock2 just went strait into the TOP5 games I have ever liked the in my life so far, itís hard to say where it comes but No.1 is not far off. Falling down on some poor graphics for explosions, bad enemy AI and a few other graphical glitches like water being flat and poorly animated. However SS2 is always telling you what you need to do, there is never a point where you donít know and thereís usually more than one way of getting around some parts of the game goals and areas.

Put simply, one of the best games I have EVER played in my life, itís a rich combination for all elements of gameplay, pieced together perfectly and served up on a plate that anybody can eat from.

by Mark Jackson

Rating (out of 10):
Graphics - 9
- 9.5
Gameplay - 9.5
- 9.5
Overall - 9.5 (95%)

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