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"Indeed there is a serious lack of any originality in TS..."

Indeed there is a serious lack of any originality in TS, I know itís harsh for a game so many of you wanted, however enjoyed playing Red Alert again more than playing through TS. It just looks like the original C&C, with new unit models, new terrain and sounds, no new gameplay. The tradeoffs between NOD and GDI are that NOD has fighters and long-range artillery and GDI has more control over water and powerful disruptor tanks. Great as this is, considering the previous games TS does a poor job of matching up to them. This means that the whole gameplay in TS is unoriginal (Red Alert was original over C&C because of the new units and the way they worked), thus it can get boring. However no matter what you do, C&C this is and itís a of a lot of fun because of it, it just doesnít have the look and feel of anything new.


Multiplayer wise, just like the original games it is based on pitting you against other players and even AI players if you so require. I personally quite enjoyed playing two of my friends on a LAN with 3 extra AI opponents; it made the whole game a real blast. Yet the disappointments of single player (above) do obviously rain into multiplayer as well. I had hoped Westwood would add some more game modes to Multiplayer like they did with ĎSole Survivorí etc., yet they havenít. It up up being a plain build a bigger base with more units race and then attack. Still fun, but I rather play Red Alert or TA again.

As a quick addition, I found that just under half the missions were not based around building a base and more using a small team of units to do covert work. Good but annoying when it happens so much.

To quickly round this bit up, TS is a lot of fun no matter what I can say, itís just not up to anything new in the gameplay department that we havenít seen already. Those who loved C&C and its various spin offs will love TS, but donít expect it to be as good as TA or even C&C: Red Alert, as gameplay wise, it isnít. I do suggest you play it through on HARD level, EASY is too easy to give a realistic view of the game or keep you entertained. Oh and as for environments, it lacked there as well, all you get are snow and the same old grey-brown landscapes, gone are the greens of Red Alert and Watery missions.

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