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"The hardest review I have had to do in a long time, constantly wanting to put down how much TS rocked..."

As for sound formats, your basic stereo; no EAX or A3Dv2 here, just plain old stereo. Itís a pity, as surround sound would have worked quite well in TS and actually added a unique feature to an otherwise un-original feeling game.

The hardest review I have had to do in a long time, constantly wanting to put down how much TS rocked, I realised this only came from feelings I had gained through its hype and not actually how the game played. Gameplay is good and it is a flavoured game, which you WILL want to play through and completion. However the fact is itís nothing original and doesnít meet up to the hype, meaning it can get boring. It has shortcomings all over the place and should have been scrapped a long time ago and re-started.

Instead of looking at TS for the hype it was given, when you come to play it try and look at it against other C&C clones to see what you think. Iím a realist so I see a game that hasnít beat its competitors and needed more work or scrapping completely. This leaves the trail wide open for TA2 and the sequel to Tiberium Sun itself, this time we hope Westwood does what ID Software would do and develops an engine ahead of itís time so that when the game finally arrives, itís not so outdated.

by Mark Jackson

Rating (out of 10):
Graphics - 7.5
Sound - 9
Gameplay - 8.5
Originality - 7.5
Overall - 8.5 (85%)

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