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"To run the game with all the bells and whistles you need at least a PII 400 with 128MB of ram."

Kingdoms' graphics engine is unlike most RTS games, mostly 3d. The graphics in TA: Kingdoms can be choppy and slow at times. To run the game with all the bells and whistles at 1024x768 you need at least a PII 400 with 128MB of ram. Iíve found that at huge battle scenes itís very hard to tell apart your different men. Some maybe easy to identify like a huge dragon. But others you find yourself staring at the screen, for instance, Verunas crossbow men and their musketeer look very similar. I think the 2d environment clashes with the 3d characters. Also, Kingdoms engine design limits the use of 3d acceleration. The engine does not let you smooth polygons or enhance the game frame rate. Although there all these small problems, the graphics are still pretty good for a real time strategy game.

When you get right down to it, the real object of the game is to kill your opponent as fast as you can. O sure you can just play it easy and have a nice defense, while building up a huge army; but I have found that if you choose that path the game will drag on for ever. Your opponent will throw more and more guys at you while you massive defense weapons rack up more and more kills, advancing your defense weapons in rank, making them virtually invincible. And when you do make your huge attack, usually half of them will be wiped out with a couple of nicely placed fire waves, or ice storms. This makes it very difficult to take positions with a lot of people. Another thing I encountered while playing the game is, sometimes after say I would build Rocks, a type of bird for Taros, it would fly out of the building of which I made it in and just fly right off the screen! Who knows where it went, it just flew off the screen, but usually would return after awhile (thank god). Also I found that three of the four races could build gates. These gates would only build in the vertical position. You could not put a gate at a sideways angel. I found this was very annoying, and would drive me insane. One of my favorite parts about this game was how I could be very realistic castle type structures.

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