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"Another bonus is that this thing is very quiet."

Now we will cover stuff that matters. As always you are going to have to install this thing before any cooling whatsoever can take place. I have talked too much about installing cooler so Iím just gonna skip it for this review. With this specific Tenmax Cooler (type O) you just peel off the covering and apply the fan to the heatsink. It will stick once some pressure is applied. It will install easily on any tnt, tnt2, voodoo3, you get the point. This thing works on just about any video card. The specific one I installed it on was my Elsa Erazor III TNT2 32mb.

The big question: Does it allow me to overclock my video card more? Yes!! Not as much as I was expecting but it still allows for it. Before I was able to successfully overclock my 125/150 tnt2 card to 135/160 and now I can overclock it to 150/175. Almost like an Ultra TNT2 for a fraction of the price. It was stable for the time I tested it but I cannot guarantee anything with your video card or even mine. The person who owns my video card may be able to overclock it higher or may not reach those speeds so I am not making any guarantees. The cooler also decreased the temp of the video card by around 10 degrees F which is excellent. That keeps all the connections on the video card cooler which allows them to run faster. This makes it easier to overclock your video card to new heights.

Another bonus is that this thing is very quiet. Not that I could hear it anyway with all my case fans blowing and the case on. So far we know this thing is easy to install, cools good, and enhances overclockability. The last and final question is durability. Tennmax is a highly respected world-wide company that makes high-quality products. This particular cooler comes with a one year warranty and they will replace the cooler anytime you ask, with no questions asked. They have this policy for every fan the make. They will also do their best to help people who are having problems after their warranty has expired on a case by case basis.

The cost is for this particular Tennmax video cooler is $19. That is a very reasonable price for such a high quality cooler. That was a little higher than its competitorís though. Its getting an 8.9 for price due to the higher $19 price tag when compared to competing products. Its going to be getting a 9.4 for performance because as always it could have done the cooling a little better. Its nothing revolutionary in terms of video card cooler cooling. If you want a company to buy cooling products at that you can trust go with Tennmax. Go to http://www.tennmax.com buy some of their great products. The Tenmax Lasagna Type O Video Card Cooler is a solid video card cooler that comes from a great company. You canít really go wrong when getting a video card cooler but Tennmax is a step above the rest. Overall this cooler is getting a 9.2.

by Kevin Perko

Price - 8.9 Performance - 9.4 Overall - 9.2

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