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"Made entirely out of plastic (except the motor), the unit is very light."

Made entirely out of plastic (except the motor), the unit is very light. Everything you need to install the unit is supplied with it. Simply attach it under your HD using the 4 supplied screws and connect it in any power supply connector. It took me less time to install it then to take it out of its shipping box (ok, maybe not). The only downside of this unit is that depending on your case, you might have to leave the 3.5 bay under your HD empty. Here are some pictures that clearly show how to install the unit, and how it works. They were scanned from the packaging.

For the test, I used a 7200 rpm Quantum Fireball KA 9.1 Gig HD. All temperature readings were taken with Motherboard Monitor 4.12 and the probe that came with my motherboard. Note that no other cooling units were present during the test (other then the CPU and PS fans). The test consist of 5 minutes of defrag to heat up the drive and then loading Quake3, Unreal, Photoshop and other heavy applications one after the other for 3 minutes.

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