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"It's fun for the first couple of hours but after that the feeling of power tends the wear off."

It's fun for the first couple of hours but after that the feeling of power tends the wear off. You can't really form any specific tactics in game and you certainly can't enjoy yourself thanks to the inability to aim properly. All the game modes are based on the same bland landscapes and the style of play is always the same. Oh how we'd long for a tree, a small village or maybe some interesting team games, but no, not a chance. TeadMarks is wasted having solely focused on the delights of Deathmatch and racing, yet very little else.

How about the graphics then

To the casual passer by, the explosion from several nuke attacks is indeed quite a sight to behold. Treadmarks engages you with some stunning tank design and clever explosions, but that's about all it does. There's really nothing much exciting here and you'd more than likely find the now aging 'Wargasm' a much more modest choice.

It's technically behind the competition in looks as well as detail and goes a long way to showing us just what can happen when a game tries to be something it's not. Tanks are tanks, not players in a quake world, but tanks. LDA had the potential to turn TR into an incredible game; instead it ended up being a poorly designed and implemented title that we doubt anybody still plays today.

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