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"Targeted toward the casual gamer, the Voodoo3 3000 PCI is a very decent product, if not obsolete."

Targeted toward the casual gamer, the Voodoo3 3000 PCI is a very decent product, if not obsolete. Despite having very good performance, and a fairly low price tag of only $150, you will probably want to pass this card up, unless you really can't upgrade your system to an AGP capable motherboard. AGP was released back in 1997 and if you haven't upgraded by now, your missing out on all the newer, better graphics cards (G400, GeForce, TNT2 and Savage 2000 and even V3 3500 AGP all come to mind).

You might as well buckle down and buy a brand new computer, you would be much better off in the long run. The V3 3000 PCI needs a fairly speedy (at least 233Mhz) CPU to enjoy most current games with this card, and if you have a 266Mhz processor, chances are that you already have an AGP slot in your motherboard.


Above I said that all systems that have at least a 266MHz processor contain an AGP port, this is not always the case. Some newer systems have graphics processors built into the motherboard, while this is fine, sometimes the mainboard is absent a AGP port, killing a proper upgrade path. This is where the V3 3000 PCI comes in.

by Ryan Wissman

Price - 8.0 Performance - 7.0 Overall - 7.5

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