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"To say the least the quality of the TV tuner 3500 TV was excellent."

As you can see the V3 3500 TV performed very well in the gauntlet of tests I put it through. Even though it was obviously held back by the slower speed of my processor, it still performed adequately for playing all the newest games. This card is definitely meant for FPS, multiplayer, and action style games. When in the middle of a 30 player Quake 3: Arena deathmatch, every extra frame counts.

The TV tuner on the V3 3500 TV was provided by Phillips. Phillips has always been a good manufacturer of TV tuners, and other TV and computer related products. Considering that most of the users who buy the V3 3500 TV will be buying it for the 183 MHz core processor, I am only going to lightly touch upon the TV capabilities of this product. To say the least the quality of the TV tuner 3500 TV was excellent. All the normal TV functions are handled through the "remote" which is very easy to use, plus it is hard to loose :). 3dfx also ships the I/O "pod" with the V3 3500 TV. This is simply a space ship looking device with 8 connectors on it, mostly for TV and stereo equipment. Another nice, yet fresh, addition to the 3500 so that you do not have to reach behind your computer.

All-in-all, the V3 3500 TV is one fine product. Targeted toward the hard-core gamer, and media enthusiast it may find a spot in rich gamers' computers. Costing about $250 it may be a little too expensive for the more casual gamer, especially since the GeForce 256's are right around the corner. I generally liked the performance, visual quality, software bundle, and TV capabilities of the V3 3500 TV, and would recommend this product to anybody who needs a FAST video card NOW.

by Ryan Wissman

Price - 7.0 Performance - 8.9 Overall - 8.5

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