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"The Vantec CCK-6035D edged out both the ThermoEngine and the CoolMax copper cooler in our tests."


We used our AMD based test machine for these temperature tests:

Iwill KA266-R Mainboard
AMD Duron 650@866 1.825V
Creative Audigy
Nvidia GeForce 3
2 Case fans at strategic positions

As per our usual CPU cooler testing environment, the temperature was read by our Mainboard's thermal sensor located in the socket itself. While I know that this is not the most accurate of testing methods, the lack of a thermal diode located within the chip, prohibits me from getting readings at the core of the processor itself. I ran 3D Mark 2001 to attempt to get the CPU at full load. Once full load was achieved I took four temperature readings at 10-second intervals, then took the average of the four. I compared both units to the popular ThermoEngine cooler which we reviewed a few months back. Ambient temperature of our standard test case was about 30 degrees Celsius.

(blue line = full load, red = idle)


The Vantec CCK-6035D edged out both the ThermoEngine and the CoolMax copper cooler in our tests. This is no surprise as not only does this cooler come with a more powerful fan than both and also is the largest heatsink made fully out of copper. The Vantec CCK-6035D is selling for about $30, the CoolMax for only about $25. Both coolers are excellent, and very competitively priced. We love the all copper design as well as the easy installation for both units, the biggest problem I have with the CoolMax is that it comes with a relatively useless thermal pad. I always hate those things. Both of these coolers are available from most major thermal solutions retailers (phew, I managed to do that without plugging anybody).

by Ryan Wissman

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