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"Globalwin has 2 models of this cooler, the VGS-08 and the VGS-08H."

The heatsink itself has 2 spring-loaded clips incorporated in it. Once the back plate is in place, all you have to do is to slide those clips in the right way. Each clip will lock 2 of the back plate pins, very simple and easy to install, but yet very efficient. From all the P3 heatsink retention methods I have tried, this one is definitely my favorite. The only other units that use this retention method are; the P3-TF, and P3-STF from Tennmax. Who invented it? Unfortunately, that is a question that I could not answer. But I truly hope that this method will get more popular among heatsink manufacturer since it works so well. Here is a picture of the heatsink by itself. It's a bit out of focus, but you can clearly see the clips.

Globalwin has 2 models of this cooler, the VGS-08 and the VGS-08H. Both units use the same heatsink. The only difference is that the VGS-08H uses 6000-RPM fans while the VGS-08 uses 5000-RPM fans. Also, there is a black and a silver version of the heatsink. You should not worry about the color since it has nothing to do with the performance (well duh!).

Here are the specifications of the fans used on the VGS-08 from Globalwin and the VGS-08++ from Millisec.com.

Model: VGS-08 VGS-08++
Fan brand: Innovative Motor One
Size: 50x10mm 50x20mm
Power: 12v 0.13a 12v 0.18a
RPM: 5000 5800
Air flow: *10cfm 21 cfm
Connector: 3 pin 3 pin

*My guess, maybe a little bit less

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