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"VideoLogic has managed to produce a solid web camera with an exceptional bundle."

VideoLogic has managed to produce a solid web camera with an exceptional bundle. That alone has earned this webcam a Performance rating of 8.7. A relatively average street price of $75 has earned this web cam an 8.9 rating for Price. I have found that the HomeCam is one of the best webcam's on the market for its price range. With its excellent price and high-quality features the HomeCam has earned an overall rating of 8.8.

With all this said, there is plenty of room for Video Logic to improve their web cam and take it up to the next level. The main area that needs to be improved the most is the picture quality. Images were not as crisp and clean as I would have liked them to be. Another feature that I would also like is a higher resolution than 800x600 for taking pictures. With this in mind, I am highly anticipating the next Webcam that VideoLogic releases.

by Kevin Perko

Price - 8.7 Performance - 8.9 Overall - 8.8

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