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"So, all-in-all the Terratec Xlerate Pro is an excellent product..."

So, all-in-all the Terratec Xlerate Pro is an excellent product, although it is not much more then a Reference board, with reference drivers, it does include a sweet bundle (but no games?!). You can find the Xlerate Pro for about $79 which is about the same price as most other A3D 2.0 cards available now. Since Terratec is based in Germany, you may have some trouble finding the card here in the US. I cannot stress enough how good the sound quality of this card was. I would recommend this card to anybody period. Especially since you can find it cheaper then the Sound Blaster Live! almost anywhere. So, if you simply must have THE BEST 3D sound Experience, pick up this card.

by Ryan Wissman

Price - 9.1 Performance - 9.6 Overall - 9.2

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