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"I first tried to make the fan holes with my jigsaw but wasn't happy with the results."

Now it's time to make your window. There are two materials generally used for this, lexan or acrylic, both of which are basically transparent plastics. The difference is that lexan is softer and more flexible than acrylic, and acrylic can easily break or crack when using power tools. Lexan is easier to work with but cost more and is harder to find.

I wanted fans on the side of the case blowing into the video and other expansion cards. So I had to make blowholes into the window. I decided to use a pair of 92mm Sunon fans that I got from Nerdsbyte.

I first tried to make the fan holes with my jigsaw but wasn't happy with the results. Even after doing my best with my dremel to fix mistakes, it still looked like crap; as a result I decided to get myself a holesaw kit.

A holesaw is basically a round saw which you attach to a drill. The only disadvantage of this tool is it's cost. You will pay about $10 to $30 for each saw (depending on size and brand) plus about $15 for the arbor. The arbor is a special mesh for your drill specially designed to attach the holesaw. I bought myself a 92mm and a 60mm holesaw plus the arbor. I paid about $35 for those tree pieces from a local hardware store. CaseEtc carries holesaws in most common size if you need to order online.

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