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"It's a good idea to cover your window with masking tape before using a power tool on it."

It's a good idea to cover your window with masking tape before using a power tool on it. It will prevent it from chipping and it's also easier to draw marks on masking tape. To use the holesaw, you must first pierce the center point of the blowhole with the arbor, then install the holesaw and use the center point to keep inline. Acrylic is pretty soft so the holesaw had no problem cutting through it. In just a few minutes I had perfectly round blowholes in my window.

To hold the window in place I had previously used screws and nuts. If you find screws with nice heads they can give a nice rocking style to the case, p0sta1's Apex Supertower is a good example. But this time I decided to try something new; epoxy. Epoxy is a kind of glue, which usually comes in two tubes; you have to mix a little bit of both tubes to get it to adhere to anything. Epoxy comes in different formula depending on what you want to use it for. Make sure the one you get is approved for both metal (the case) and plastic (the window).

Epoxy will stick better to abrasive (uneven) surfaces. My metal side panel and window where both very smooth. To fix this, I used sand paper to scratch both my window and interior of my side panel, where both will meet. Note that the rubber molding creates a gap between the window and the side panel. So I had to use a lot of epoxy to fill the gap (about 1mm). I started by dropping a good quantity of glue in each corner of the window and waited a little for it to dry. Epoxy usually dries pretty fast, and I then filled the gap all around the window with the same epoxy. I'm very pleased with the results.

I decided to put dust filters on the two 92mm fans. I got myself some plastic filters from CaseEtc. Keep in mind that any kind of filter will restrict the airflow of the fan and possibly increase its noise level. However I think it's a small price to pay to keep your case cleaner. For a fan that blows air in the case, you should ideally place the filter outside the case. This way dust is stopped before it goes through the fan. But frankly, I think they look like crap. Not this model in particular but filters in general. So I decided to mount the filter inside the case where you won't see them and I installed a chrome grill in front of the fan.

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