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"So far so good, now what I need is more exhaust."

Next on the list is a front 120mm blowhole, pushing air in. I use a Sunon fan that blows about 70cfm, which I found at Nerdsbyte. I did this blowhole with my jigsaw as described in my previous Blowholes And Windows article. There's nothing special about it really. There is already a filter inside the front bezel of the Addtronics case so I just slapped a fan guard on each side and that was it.

I also enlarged the ventilation holes on the front bezel to make sure the 120mm fan has enough room to breath. The back 92mm exhaust (there by default) also suffered the same surgery. This is a simple mod that cost nothing and can greatly increase the efficiency of your fans.

So far so good, now what I need is more exhaust. I have about 160cfm of intake (2x92mm @ 44cfm each + 1x120mm @ 69cfm) for only about 75cfm of exhaust (1x92mm @ 44cfm + PSU 80mm @~30cfm). The best solution would have been a nice exhaust blowhole on the top of the case. But I don't have the space. I have my floppy drive and hard drive in the upper section of the case leaving no space for a fan. Instead, I decided to use two 60mm fans behind the hard drive, over the PSU. These fans will remove hot air from the top of the case and cool the hard drive at the same time, 80mm fans would of been better but there simply is no space for them.

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