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"These are the most challenging blowholes I have done."

These are the most challenging blowholes I have done. 60mm holes would of been pretty hard to do with a jigsaw so I used a hole saw. It was much harder to cut through the case than the window. Of course, metal offers much more resistance than plastic. Several times during the process smoke was coming out of my drill so I had to let it cool in order to proceed.

On the picture above you can see the first blowhole about halfway done. While I took this picture my drill was chilling outside in the snow, that's one advantage of Canadian winters… On the next picture you can see both blowholes done. However the edges are very rough and require a serious cleaning job. Again, a dremel is the best tool for this.

As you can see on the previous picture, I needed to make some place for the fans inside the case. There is a metal plate separating the middle and upper sections of the case that is in the way. Here's how I did it in three steps with the help of my dremel, a metal cutter and a lot of cursing.

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