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"Next I changed the power and hard disk LEDs."

So, are they done? Not quite yet, I had to cut out two pieces of the top cover that were in the way of the fan. By doing so I also destroyed the screw holes that use to hold the top panel in place so I had to drill myself some new ones.

Here are a few pictures of the final result. For now I'm using Sanyo Denki fans which push about 20cfm each. The advantage is that they are very quiet compare to the popular YSTech and Delta 60mm fans. Now that I look at them closely, they remind me of a custom hard drive cooler I've seen somewhere

Next I changed the power and hard disk LEDs. I'm using a blue neon kit from CaseEtc (review here) so I got myself some blue LEDs to match it. Thanks to the excellent design of Addtronics, changing the LEDs was easier than installing a light bulb.

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