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"Finding a computer without a CD-ROM now days, is a hard task."

Finding a computer without a CD-ROM now days, is a hard task. Because of this, you probably already have a great CD player just waiting to be listened too. Turning your computer into a music powerhouse can be as simple as some new software and some nice speakers. Where many surround sound systems cost over $400, getting incredible digital surround sound speakers for a computer only costs a fourth of that. The Creative labs FPS2000 speaker system has been a cornerstone in computer audio. Clear digital output, high frequency response, and a powerful subwoofer make these an excellent choice for computer audio.

For music playback, nothing beats the ever so popular winamp. Pairing winamp with a good MP3 collection, and a cd/dvd-rom is the perfect tool for music enthusiasts. Not only does winamp have great sound quality to begin with, there are several output tweaks available for winamp on the net. Including DFX, A3D Output, to SoftDSP. Each plug-in allows you to tweak your sound response to perfection. Winamp boasts a hefty media support list, ranging from CD's, mp3s, to even mod files. Too push your musical experience even further, several visual plug-ins are available for free download as well. It's easy to find incredible visual plug-ins that put the old disco ball to shame.

Computer Setup Cost: $115 - $140
Retail System Cost: $400 - $700
Saved: $285 - $585

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