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"There is no doubt that DVD's provide a much higher level of quality in movie playback."


What is an Entertainment system with out movie playback? Of course you can't have a movie with out something to watch it on. Surprisingly enough, computer monitors are often clearer and more vibrant pictures than most TV's. Most TV's have many scanlines, which limit image clarity. If you look closely at a TV, you will see many black lines interlacing the picture (with the exception of newer televisions, including projection and HDTV). Computer monitors, do not have these scanlines, allowing for a more fluid, and sharp picture. TV's often have a much softer image than a monitor does as well. While you may want a 17" monitor, or larger, your monitor is a great TV replacement.

For watching TV itself, TV tuners are easy to obtain, and are available for less than $100. While each tuner has different features, you can find anything from the ability to record shows onto your computer, Radio tuner, or even the ability to plug VCR's and consoles into the card. Hauppauge has been known to have top quality TV tuners, even with support under Linux. Now you are ready to watch TV, or console, on your sharp monitor image.

Computer Setup Cost: $100 - $900
Retail Cost: $600 - $6,000
Saved: $500 - $5,900


There is no doubt that DVD's provide a much higher level of quality in movie playback. The transition from VHS to DVD is much the same, as from tape's to CD's. Equipped with twice the amount of resolution lines as a standard VHS and a hundred more than laser disc. The DVD image quality is nothing short of incredible. Add in the element of higher quality sound, and surround sound information for Dolby Pro-Logic hardware and you have a movie experience that rivals the theatres.

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