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"Heat can damage any of your components, including beloved harddrives."

Heat can damage any of your components, including beloved harddrives. Unless you regularly back up your harddrive, a lot of information can potentially be lost if a failure occurs. Harddrive coolers plug into the CD-ROM bay and nuzzle around your harddrive effectively cooling it, there by preventing any heat-related failures. While in general this will not increase airflow to speak of, but having cooler components all around can lower case temperature in certain situations.

The Vantec Triple fan harddrive cooler mounts around SCSI and IDE harddrives, in any 5-1/4 bay using supplied rails. The Vantec uses three 40x20mm fans, flowing at 7.2cfm each. While alone, 7.2cfm isn't an impressive figure, when running together they keep your harddrive cool and safe.

For the person who doesn't want to take chances, Vantec also manufactures the 'Ultimate' harddrive cooler. While louder than its less powerful brother, it cranks 13cfm of air out of two 4500rpm 40x40x20 ball bearing fans. If you don't want to take any chances, this harddrive will keep you sleeping well at night.

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