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"Surprisingly enough, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to keep your case cool."

A specific harddrive coolers, is not the only methods of cooling your bay's. A useful option is to use a bay-cooler instead. These wonderful inventions mount in your last open 5 - bay and blow air upward towards your optical drives, zip drives, harddrive, etc. I have found that the Twin fan bay cooler, works wonders. Decked out with two 92mm sleeve-bearing fans, they pump air out at an impressive 80cfm. To top it off, it runs almost silent, only producing 26decibels.


Surprisingly enough, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to keep your case cool. Thecardcooler.com has a special cooling deal, which includes all of the necessary cooling equipment mentioned in this guide for only $49.50. If that's a touch out of your price range, you can always get individual cooling products.

I found the following prices on www.2cooltek.com.

  • Super Slot Cooler - $10.00
  • Card Cooler - $24
  • Harddrive Cooler -
  • Vantec Triple Harddrive Cooler - $12
  • GlobalWin CAF12 card cooler- $19
  • 80mm Case Fan - $10 - $15
  • 120mm Case Fan - $15 - $20
  • JustCooler Bay Cooler - $20
  • Ultimate' Harddrive Cooler by Vantec - $23
  • JustCooler 3-1/2 Bay Cooler - $18


Cooling your case is not only beneficial to overclockers, but it can save you from costly hardware replacements and data loss due to heat related crashes. Just because you want a cool case, doesn't mean you need to drill holes left and right. Case cooling can be easy as screwing in a fan or two.

by Ross Johnson

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