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"Now how about adding some windows so we can see what this case is holding."

That's about it for the blowholes. If everything has been done the right way, your fan and guard should fit perfectly in place. If you want to keep your case clean, you may want to ad some filters on the fans. This will prevent dust from entering your case but it will reduce your fan efficiency and may ad some noise.


Now how about adding some windows so we can see what this case is holding. This should be very easy if you have already done some blowholes. It is basically the same thing but instead of mounting a fan in your hole you mount a window.

Just like for the blowholes, the first thing to do is to decide where to place your windows. But unlike the blowholes, you can be a little more creative for the form and size. If you feel comfortable with your jigsaw, you can go wild with curved shapes. You can also give a form to your window, perhaps your favorite game logo.

I decided to take a classic approach with square shaped windows, one big rectangular window on the left side panel and also one on top of the case. Why on top? Believe me, it's not because I felt like it... When I got this case, a 80mm blowhole was installed on top; this case measures 27 inches with the wheels, exactly the same height as my desk. It fit perfectly flush under my desk. But with the fan guard of that blowhole on top it doesn't fit anymore. Even if it fits without the fan guard, the fan has no place at all to breath so I decided to condemn this hole with a window.

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