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"For the window itself I use Plexiglas because it's cheap..."

Start by tracing the contour of the window on your case. Then do the marks for the screws, which will be holding the window in place. Once you are done its time to cut and pierce. Here is a picture of the hole I did on top of my case for the window; you can also build nice weapons with the metal scrap pieces.

For the window itself I use Plexiglas because it's cheap (both pieces cost less then $10) and easy to work with. Remember that your window has to be a little bigger than the hole so you can screw it on. The Plexiglas I used is 1/8" thick, which makes it very easy to cut with a jigsaw, but you should still be careful. I have a little trick to make sure that the screw holes on the window and the ones on the case will match, make the holes in the case first, and then place the window where you want. You will see the holes you did in your case through the Plexiglas. Take a marker and do a little dot over each hole. This will give you a perfect match. You can see what I mean on the next picture:

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