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"If you put to much paint on one spot it will drip and give you dreadful results."

The above is a picture of my left side panel ready to paint. The trick when using pray paint is to apply thin layers at a time. If you put to much paint on one spot it will drip and give you dreadful results. So if you see a spot witch is not well covered, wait about an hour before coming back for more. This is especially important for the bezel and drive faces. Since most of them have some curved shapes, gutter effects can occur and some paint will accumulate in the crevasses such as the buttonholes. If too much paint gets in these holes you will have a hard time putting back the buttons. For this reason I don't recommend using a primer on the bezel and other plastic pieces.

The metal pieces of my case have 4 layers but the plastic parts only have 3 layers. I did a first layer and then waited 45 minutes before doing a second one. I then waited 48 hours so the paint can dry before coming back for a third layer. 45 minutes later I applied the fourth layer on the metal pieces. After that everything looked perfect.

I didn't spray paint the buttons. I decided to paint them all (power, reset and CD drive) in blue. For that I used hobby paint and a brush. Quite simple but gives a killer effect in the end. Don't forget the little volume wheel on the CD.

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