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"How can the Golden Orb, the most popular heatsink of all time, get the worst score?"

Name/code : Golden Orb
Manufacturer : Thermaltake
Format : SECC2
Retail fan(s) : 50x20mm custom fan

1x 50x20mm custom fan : 21.7

How can the Golden Orb, the most popular heatsink of all time, get the worst score? It's not hard to understand. This heatsink was designed for socket CPU; witch uses much smaller heatsinks then the slot CPUs. It's much smaller then most of its competitors and only has one fan. The only advantage this heatsink has over its opponents is it's noise level, which is lower then all the others. Quite frankly I think there is no reason to buy this heatsink for a slot CPU. Get one from Globalwin or Vantec. They give much better performance for about the same price.

Name/code : K702
Manufacturer : RDJD
Format : SECC
Retail fan(s) : 2x 52x15mm JMC Datech

2x 52x15mm JMC Datech : 28.5

I don't know what to say about this one, it displays an average performance, with an average price tag. The noise level is higher then average though, and the only advantage it has over the others is it's weight, the unit is pretty light for it's size.

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