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"With all this information you should be able too chose which heatsink is best for you."

I thought that you might want some more info on the fans used in this test. Here is a chart with the specifications of all the fans used except for the Delta 50x15mm, which I could not use since I only, got one of them. It is mostly featured on chipsets and video coolers but is still an excellent fan.

Model Width (mm) Height (mm) Airflow (cfm) Wattage Amps
Innovative 50 10 10 1.56 0.13
Ystech 50 10 10 1.68 0.14
Delta 50 15 16 1.8 0.15
JMC Datech 52 15 17 * *
Top Motor 50 20 19 ** **
Sanyo Denki 60 25 19 1.32 0.11
Ystech 60 25 24 2.16 0.18
Delta 60 25 38 3.84 0.32

* 2cooltek says 0.19amps, RDJD says 0.20amps and the fan says 0.35amps… go figure.
** The fan says 0.08 amps but this is a mistake, it's definitely more than that.

How loud is a fan rated at 35dB? How much louder is a fan rated at 40dB? It's hard to say, everyone has it's own tolerance for noise. So I have prepared a little movie (MOV) showing each fan starting and spinning for 4 seconds. The quality is not very good; I wanted to minimize the file sizes. Don't feel like waiting for download? No problem, I have made a WAV out of it for all you modem users, here they are:

Download MOV (~1.8mb)
Download WAV (~380k)

This was made so that you can compare the fans noises, it won't really tell you how loud the fan is since you can adjust the volume. In order of noise level from quietest to loudest you will see/hear the Sanyo Denki 60mm, the Ystech 50mm, the Innovative 50mm, the GoldenOrb fan, the Delta 50mm, the Top Motor 50mm, the Ystech 60mm, the JMC 52mm and finally, the loudest of all, the Delta 60mm.

That's about it. With all this information you should be able too chose which heatsink is best for you. Thanks again to all who sponsored this comparison article! If you have any comments, feel free to contact me.

by Jean-Christophe Turcot

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