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"...the change is that PCs will become fashion."

So the change is?

If it's not already obvious by now then we haven't explained it right, the change is that PCs will become fashion. You could completely change the look, style and size if your system as though it were a simple model plane. In an instant the world of a boffin sitting in front of a massive 21" Monitor could now be left in the business place. PCs would become totally portable and just as popular as mobile phones are today, although prices are unlikely to change too much from modern standards.

Just imagine being able to order a new motherboard, un lock the sturdy case (made from extremely tough plastics) and disconnect all the add-on units as though they were Lego, then click in the new board and so on. Another serious advantage is that you could turn you system into a MAC as well as PC with a simple internal hardware change. All the usual O/S's would work and finally the end user has an open and easy choice of what software he or she would like to install.

As we said at the beginning, the change isn't likely to happen quickly and modern Laptops will start to make the transition during the coming years very slowly. It won't be long before you see a Laptop that can change monitors in an instant or can have its graphics or sound card upgraded the same. The future is still a long way off and many things can change, but remember that when what we have said becomes a reality, you heard it here first! =)

by Mark Jackson

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