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"A Thintop is a cross between a laptop and a palmtop and some so called 'Laptops'..."

Laptops are old aren't they?

Well ok not a Laptop as we know it today but rather a 'Thintop', a system that Speedy3D became the first to get a look at just recently. Sadly because it was only a private test system we are forbidden from speaking about who will make them and some of the finer details. That doesn't stop us from giving you an idea of what to expect in the future when the industry is capable of adjusting to it.

A Thintop is a cross between a laptop and a palmtop and some so called 'Laptops' from Sony and Vilo are about as close as you can get to them size wise. They weigh about the same as a copy of PCGamer Monthly but have several unique factors surrounding them. For a start, Thintops are totally upgradeable in every single fashion also know to your modern desktop systems. CPU, Sound, Graphics, Motherboard, Monitor and even case can be changed all in a few moments.

What's more the technology is highly robust and all the chips inside or on add-on cards are protected by a G-Shock flat heat sink case (each). At current the monitor is the only truly vulnerable part but they plan to implement the new plastic screens in around three years time, check your local science magazine for that one.

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