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The Future of PCs

"A new revolution is upon us..."

Up until very recently in the last couple of years the future of the modern PC couldn't even be speculated upon with any great accuracy. Now as we near the bridging gap between us and the millennium a change is slowly starting to occur that could have widespread universal implications. During the next ten years into the millennium a great change will take place, not least in technology but in looks and styles that will see the modern PC put slowly to death.

A new revolution is upon us, biding its time until the perfect moment arrives when it can spread its wings and leap upon an unsuspecting world. This great change does not come from the technology that makes up computers, but from the way they are put together and produced into their tidy grey boxes.

One small step for computers

In actuality what we are predicting as a colossal change in the computing world, is only really a very small step. The big change comes from the massive social attributes around a common PC that will invariably never be the same again. As any veteran of the technological world will know, it only takes the smallest of changes to spark a revolution in how we work and play.

Those that have predicted the future as being an on-line world full of un-sociable animals couldn't have been more wrong. The animals at Speedy3D (Evil Monkeys) detest such accusations. The main thing to remember is that these predictions have been made without realistic foresight. In reality we will NOT all be un-sociable animals and instead computers will become a natural part of everyday life, but not as you might think and that's the revolution.

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