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"When the computer reaches the desktop it should detect the newly inserted card..."

When the computer reaches the desktop it should detect the newly inserted card, and ask for a driver diskette, insert it and browser to the relevant drive (be it a floppy or CD-ROM), usually drivers are in a directory corresponding to a OS, so look for a Win98 directory if you use Windows 98, and so on. Once that's done Windows will usually ask you to reboot, do so now.

After the reboot, go to your Control Panel and then Network, here you should see your Network Card and any DUN components if use Dial-up network, if you don't see your Network Card go over the installation phase again, but if everything is okay you have to click on Add.., choose Protocol then, look at Manufacturer to choose Microsoft and then scroll down the Network Protocol window to select TCP/IP. This is basically a language of communication between the computers, most games are happy to use TCP/IP but some; especially old games like Doom require IPX/SPX protocol, which is located in the same location as TCP/IP. Installing protocols requires your original Windows CD, so keep one at hand. Now when you're all done you should see your Network Card, the TCP/IP protocol and the IPX/SPX protocol (if you installed it) and Client for Microsoft Networks which adds itself whenever another a protocol is added and a client is not added, this allows your PC to communicate with other Windows based systems.

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