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"Notice my IP, it's, this is my telephone number one might say..."

One more thing you want to add is File sharing which is self explanatory, click on Add.. again, then Service and finally File/Printer sharing for Microsoft Networks, then go to My Computer, Windows will recommend a reboot disregard that suggestion. Now in My Computer right click on the hard drive you would like to share, and click Sharing and adjust the settings as you please after clicking Shared As.

Now when that's all done go back to your Network again, double click on TCP/IP to bring up it's Properties tab, this will give you a pop-up window warning you, disregard it and press okay, now you'll get a window like below. Notice my IP, it's, this is my telephone number one might say, which allows other computers to phone me and communicate with my PC, you should adopt a IP number that all the computers will use to communicate with each other, for example would be your IP and then your friends would be and so on, increment it by one for each computer. For the Subnet Mask just enter for each computer. Now click on WINS and disable it completely since you do not require it the same goes for the Gateway tab and the DNS tab, click on Okay when you're all finished.

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