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"Strategy eh? Then it's between Theme Park World, Age of Empires 2 and Pharaoh."

I'm a FPS man!

For the hardcore FPS fan its giong to be either Unreal Tournament or Quake 3. Outsiders to consider would be Daikatana, a game which people have forgotten about, but if released, could upset the big two. People know Quake and it will sell well no matter what, but I think Unreal Tournament is just a better overall game. It has far better gameplay and a greater range of gameplay modes. This game's single player bot matchs are so well done, you may not ever need to go on-line to have fun with this game. So, if you're a FPS hardcore fanatic it's Unreal Tournament but if you have a bit of extra cash to boot get Quake 3 as well.

Na, Na, Strategy's my game.

Strategy eh? Then it's between Theme Park World, Age of Empires 2 and Pharaoh. All strategy fans will remember theme park as I think it was the game that set it all off. The second version of the Theme Park world goes all 3D on us and you can now test the rides that you build by taking a ride on them yourself. Age of Empires is a different type of strategy. You must build up civilizations and protect and attack against others. Set back in the past you progress though the different ages and fight other armies in epic battles. The third contender on your list is Pharaoh. What? Never herd of it? You may not have but it is the sequel to the Caesar games. The gameplay and style is much the same as the Caesar games but it is set in the Egyptian era. Your task is to build up little villages into huge city's incorporating housing, statues and entertainment facilities making sure everyone in your city has access to them. I've laid the carpet but which bit do you want? My tip for the strategy game you should be putting on your list this Christmas is Theme Park World.

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