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"Felling a bit racy? Sometimes wear a helmet and driving gloves in your drive to work?"

Car racing mate, that's the one

Felling a bit racy? Sometimes wear a helmet and driving gloves during your drive to work? Then you'll want to know what games are here for the holidays won't you? For the Formula 1 fanatic he/she has two choices. If you like to drive the cars then it has to be Official Formula 1 Racing '99 which includes all the cars, Drivers and circuits from the '99 season and lets you become formula 1 champion without the need to get a racing suit on. If you like to coordinate the cars, organize pit stops or be an all round Ron Dennis then it has to be Grand Prix World. Made by Microprose it is a sequel to their previous Grand Prix Manager games. Given a new look and the option to watch the whole race as if you were watching it on the telly. Take control of any of the top 10 teams in the 99 season and steer them to glory. Don't like Formula 1? Like you cars to have a roof to keep out the cold? Then one you should take into consideration is Le Mans 24 hours. A full simulation of the 24 hours Le Mans Race and yes you can take up the option of playing the full 24-hour race. It includes all the cars from the most recent race and allows you to race them in the world's most historic event. Rally Championship is another you should consider to. It includes all 120 World Rally Car stages with you being able to drive all the WRC and BRC cars. Become Colin Mcrae and be king of the forest. The one point about this game that might put you off is that you need a powerful PC to get it to run.

Something around the 300-400MHZ range CPU, 64MB-128Mb of RAM and at least a powerful video card, Voodoo 3's or a TNT2 should be more than enough to run all the holiday's games.

I don't really like any of them

Don't worry there are plenty of other titles to fill up your stocking this Christmas. How about the fourth game in the Tomb Raider series, Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation featuring that little known computer character, Lara Croft. Or what about Codename Eagle. This game is similar to Rainbow Six but allows you to take on a variety of cunning tasks. If you like a fair share of gore in your game then Kingpin should meet all your needs, allowing you to blow different body parts of individually with an aura of firepower. Taking the criminal angle you my want Grand Theft Auto 2 to be on your list. You can just about break every law there is in this game as you steal, kill and smash up parts of a made up city to impress the gangs employing you.

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