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"Just the mention of Wolfenstein 3D unleashes some very found memories of yesteryear."

Title: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Developer: Grey Matter
Publisher: Activision (http://www.activision.com)

Just the mention of Wolfenstein 3D unleashes some very found memories of yesteryear. For a lot us this really kicked things off in the first person shooter genre and has been the start of a long and exciting journey in gaming history. Return to Castle Wolfenstein is very much a modern update of this old classic and being developed in conjunction with Id software, the original developers. Screenshots and E3 videos have been banded around the net all with one conclusion - the visuals in Castle Wolfenstein, from a Quake III powered engine, look to surely blow us away. The level of detail in just the textures alone is extremely impressive and I'm sure I don't even have to mention the flamethrower sequence!

But don't expect just a superficial update. The engine will have a host of interesting features, from picking up and throwing in-game objects, being able to shoot away pieces of the enemy's cover and the ability to puncture barrels of oil to add a element of slapstick to the proceedings. AI improvements are also promised with the mainstay of any Wolfenstein game, namely puzzles and oodles of secret areas, are set to re-immerge. A much needed update of a classic story and William "B.J." Blazkowicz, the main guy from the original, should enjoy his return now fully in 3D. Only God knows when this one will be released, but keep your eyes peeled.

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