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"Bottom line - don't expect a particularly deep game!"

Title: Serious Sam (http://www.croteam.com/)
Developer: Cro Team (http://www.croteam.com)
Publisher: GOD (http://www.godgames.com)

Okay so this is the second FPS in the list, but if you have played the test demos you will certainly know why it is here. Built on the brand new 'Serious' engine this game will whisk you back in gaming history. The sheer speeds, number of opponents and crazy ass weapons have not been seen like this since the days of Wolfenstein's successor. This game absolutely reeks of Doom, admittedly no bad thing, and is set in strange Egyptian style arenas - huge open spaces built purely for mayhem. Enemies will rush at you in hoards, and just as you think safety has returned another load will respawn in and charge. Thankfully the developers do have some sort of heart, so expect some kind of balance with simple puzzle solving and indoor spooky bits (not dissimilar to Unreal's finer moments) and full on mad action end of level bosses.

With so many polygons on screen at once, and a real need to keep frame rates above at least 30, Serious Sam might have to give a little in the graphics department. Well nothing could be further from the truth. All the words from the eye candy dictionary are here, the lightening and water effects look smooth and textures are highly detailed. Bottom line - don't expect a particularly deep game! Serious Sam will be a linear frag fest with little strategy, little story line but more fun than jacuzzi filled with playboy bunnies (okay maybe not that much fun). And to be fair fun is really what counts, that is unless you like flight sims (joke!). Serious Sam should be available very soon.

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