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"I think you'll find this the most honest, and comprehensive "gear of the year" ever."

Best Phone Modem

Actiontec USB 56k Callwaiting Modem
Review: Actiontec USB call waiting modem

Price: $99

For years now, we have been using plain old 56k modems. Actiontec finally breathed life back into the old 56k modem with the introduction of the USB call waiting modem. You can finally forget needed to pay the extra for either a second phone line, or more expensive internet connection, you'll never miss a call again with Actiontec's call waiting modem.

Best Protable Storage

Zip 100/250
Review: N/A
Price: $69

Despite being quite a few years old, the Zip 100/250 is the most widely used removable storage on the planet. Enough said.

Best Game Pad

Logitech Wingman Extreme
Review: N/A
Price: $49

With 10 Programmable buttons, 8-way D-pad, built in motion sensor, and USB support, all for $50! This is one of the most comfortable digital game pads to date along with one of the most feature rich, my pick for the best game pad of 1999.

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