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"I think you'll find this the most honest, and comprehensive "gear of the year" ever."

Best CPU

AMD Athlon
Review: Athlon 500 Editorial

Price: $180-$800

WOW, what a come back! Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months you have likely heard of the much-hyped AMD Athlon. Immodest features such as 128k of full-speed on chip L1 cache, and an additional 512k of L2 cache running at half the core speed, 3 floating point units (the lowly PIII only has 2), 200 MHz FSB, and advanced 3d NOW! Support are all just a few of the Athlon's wealth of next generation features. Just wait until AMD switches over to .18 microns. AMD just may have the last laugh after all.

Best Monitor

Sony GDM-F500
Review: N/A
Price: $1,900

Flat, Clear, Cool. This 21-inch monitor has a virtually flat aperture grille display, a .22mm dot pitch, and Sony's beautiful display quality. The GDM-F500 is definitely the best 21" monitor I have ever seen with my own two eyes. If you are like the rest of us, and don't have $2000 to spend on a monitor then the Sony 420GS Trinitron monitor is a second choice. Weighing in at 19 inches with a very short 18" depth factor, this virtually flat .25-.27mm monitor wins runner up, $599.

Best DVD-ROM Kit

Hi-Val DVD10-ROM
Review: N/A
Price: $199

Supporting a 10x spindle rate, built in 40x CD-ROM drive, and a respectable 110ms DVD-ROM access time the drive itself is a wonder to behold. Bundled with an extremely high-quality MPEG-2 decoder card that does digital sound along with a high definition picture quality, you can make sure that you movies run fast, sound great, and look sharp.

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