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"The first step is to remove the casing of the monitor."

What to do

The first step is to remove the casing of the monitor. Most monitors have two shells enclosing the insides. The first shell rests on the front of the monitor, holding the tube in place, as well as housing the adjustment buttons. This shell should not be removed, and left in place to prevent any sliding of the tube itself. The second casing encloses most of the actual body of the monitor. It goes along the top, sides, back, and most of the bottom. In most instances, three or four screws fasten it on, in which after removal allow it to easily slide off.

After the monitor casing is removed, you can see the exposed components. While each monitor is different, most monitors will have three black knobs on the lower right side of the monitor. Often, the manufactures glue the knobs in place to ensure they do not get jagged out of adjustment during shipping. As thus, some chipping of glue may be necessary. If the monitor is older (which chances are it is), the glue is most likely brittle and can be shattered off by a screwdriver.

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