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"As a precautionary measure, you may want to blow the dust off of the monitor components before you close it up."

These knobs each have a specific purpose. Two of them are used for focusing, one for vertical focus, and one for horizontal focus.

The third, voltage, regulates how much power is fed to the monitor. This can adjust how bright or dim the monitor is. Though it may help very dim monitors, in most cases it gives the whole display a more washed out look. Gamma control is a better idea for lightening up your monitor. In dire situations, this can be adjusted slightly to get a more visible picture.

Turn your monitor on, and let it boot into your OS. Find a resolution that you would like to use, find some small text that appears blurry. (Note: this will not fix haziness caused by low refresh rates. If that is the case, a new monitor or video card would be needed to fix the situation). Carefully, make sure not to touch any of the electronic cables or inside of the monitor, adjust each of the focus knobs until the text becomes crisp. Start with one focus knob until you see the vertical lines come into focus, before you continue with the second knob. After the monitor is focused to your liking, power it down and make sure it is unplugged from the wall. As long as the monitor is plugged into the wall, power runs from the socket up to the monitor's power-supply. Potentially giving the monitor power, even though it is turned off. Using super-glue, or modeling cement, carefully place a little bit around each knob to ensure the settings are not disrupted. Give the glue adequate time to dry before continuing.

As a precautionary measure, you may want to blow the dust off of the monitor components before you close it up. This will prevent any electronic failures due to dust build-up. This can be done with compressed air cans, found easily at any office supply store. Do not use any household fans or hair dryers, as it could be possible for them to cause internal damage to the monitor.

Finally, replace the monitor casing and secure it tightly with its original screws. Plug it back into the wall, and power it back on. That once old, hazy monitor, once again has a nice crisp image.


Take note that even when the monitor is off, as well as unplugged there is still enormous amounts of voltage in the power supply. Depending on the monitor, it can get up to 25000 voltes. Which is more than enough to deliver a lethal shock.

By Ross Johnson

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