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"A performance hit of a little over 85% in both 16 and 32 bit color."


It doesn't matter how great these shots look, if frame rates slow to a halt it'll destroy your gaming experience. Let's find out what kind of performance hit we can expect by enabling FSAA.

D3D - 3D Mark2000

We ran 3D Mark2000 at the default resolution of 1024x768 using both 16 and 32bit color, with FSAA off, and FSAA on.

This is not good. A performance hit of a little over 85% in and 16 bit color, and over 70% in 32bit. Considering we are using a GeForce2 GTS based card, I find it hard to believe that the flaw lies in the "slow" speed of the video card. Hopefully (and most likely), as Nvidia's drivers mature so will the performance of FSAA enabled D3D games. I'd say a 25-40% performance hit as being what to expect from future drivers. Not this 80%, that's way too high.

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