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"Case cooling is fairly standard, nothing exotic."

Cooling the beast

I chose the Alpha P3125 heatsink/fan. In my opinion the setup can not be beat. Case cooling is fairly standard, nothing exotic.

The system houses one (stock) 80mm inlet fan in the front, one 80mm PCI exhaust fan, and a three-fan combo HD cooler that I picked up at Dallas Memory International

I installed a 120mm Blowhole on the side of the case. I used a Dremel to cut the hole. I used a toggle switch that I picked up at good-ol Radio Shack to turn the sucker on. I also installed a light on the front of the case so I could tell whether or not the fan was functioning (without having to feel it). I used power cable extensions (also found at Radio Shack) to make the job look clean, plus it give me the advantage of being able to disconnect the fan so I can get the removable side (of the case) out of the way when I'm inside the case. Here are a few shots.


The Blowhole as it appears on the side of the case (Left). The Blowhole as it appears from the inside of the case (with power connecter) (Right).

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