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"All benchmarks were performed using windows 98se and the .368 Nvidia reference drivers."

Overclocking the Annihilator

I found the Creative Annihilator pro to be quite stable at 145/345 but decided to back it off to 140/340 to avoid any possible visual anomalies. Keep in mind the AGP bus is also overclocked to 88.6Mhz. The penalty in the benchmarks was very tolerable, and backing off a little should extend the life of the card somewhat.


The first benchmark I elected to run was 3DMark2000. There has been a great deal of controversy recently in the News Groups regarding the Accuracy and consistency of 3DMark2000, but I would like to point out a few things I have noticed. Several things can heavily influence 3DMark2000 scores including (but not limited to) Video card driver versions, Processor speed (very noticeable impact), and system memory. These may seam obvious, but I hear people complaining about the fact that their scores are not on par with the next guys (somewhat similar system) quite frequently. The bottom line is if you have a weak score find the weak link in your system and eliminate it. All 3DMark2000 tests were conducted at a screen resolution of 1024x768x16.

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