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"In Quake III Arena the story was pretty much the same, incredible performance."

Benchmarking/Quake 3

In Quake III Arena the story was pretty much the same, incredible performance.

All benchmarks were performed with the standard high quality settings, the only thing I changed was the resolution. These benchmarks were taken by running both demos (demo001, demo002) twice and averaging the scores.

Quake III Arena (retail ver1.0)

43.25 FPS
76.7 FPS
110.5 FPS

512x384 x32
122.35 FPS
130.7 FPS

Although I still play at 800x600 (online) at you can see that 1024x768x32 is very playable.


For a reasonable price (Currently 399.99 source pricewatch.com) you too can own an overclockable behemoth. I can not make any claims to the success/fail rates of the 600e @ 800Mhz. I can however say that with very little effort, mine is running rock solid. The 600e could very well be the next 300a/366. My albeit limited experience with this processor says all signs point to yes. Another thing to consider is that the 600e officially supports smp processing (the 500e/550e do not), another definite bonus especially with windows 2000 pro only a few short weeks away.

by Aaron 'SINISTER' Harmon

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