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"In my opinion the technology is currently like a 4MB graphics card when they were released many ages (years) ago."


After setting somewhat of a background for this technology, I'm going to talk about the future of it. This is a relatively new technology and I like to compare it to the emergence of computers and graphics cards. They both started with one company with a graphically enhanced imagination and the ability to make it happen. I think that (maybe) these glasses in the future will decide which graphics card that you buy. I believe that the following factors will determine the future of this technology and who creates the biggest market for themselves. They will open up a whole new market industry- a cutthroat and extremely competitive industry that is. One of the possible things that could happen is that one company will own this market. I think this because I believe that one company will develop a pair of 3-D glasses that are so feature packed and go so far beyond the competition that they will be like voodoo of 3d graphics or the doom of computer games. They will own the market and if they license this technology everyone will attempt to buy it or copy it, even though they will never succeed in beating it. The market will also expand greatly if a bunch of companies can come together and create a standard for which these glasses need to be developed by. Then they will need to come together consistently to further the standard of this technology and its development. If the standard was accepted this would greatly speed up the time it will take for this technology to progress.

Now let's take a breather from that, and a brief look at some comparisons. In my opinion the technology is currently like a 4MB graphics card when they were released many ages (years) ago. Good for the time, but there is still a lot of improvement that can and needs to be done to make it a decent product. If these glasses are to progress we may see an evolution of more realistic 3-D graphics taking a turn that we never before thought possible. Here are some of the features that the glasses currently on the market feature and how they can improve them without changing the major architecture of the glasses. I will only cover the two major features that I feel are holding this technology's market back.

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