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"As somewhat of an introduction to this article I have decided to take the time to explain how this technology works."

How these glasses work?

As somewhat of an introduction to this article I have decided to take the time to explain how this technology works. In the following jumble of words I will carefully explain the intricate nature of how they work. This may seem a little complicated, as while I tried to go in-depth, I also tried to keep it simple. Just to let you know, this is not a complete description of the technology, but is more of a basis for the article. Ok, so this is at least how these glasses are theoretically designed or supposed to work on paper. You have 2 frames in your glasses, which are each supplied 60fps (per frame) for 120 fps total. This first allows for a flicker-free display in most situations as long as your monitor supports 120hz refresh rate in the desired resolution. Since we now have glasses that are flicker free we can finally cover the technology. The software that is provided by the company controls the following operations (at least that is how I understand it). The right frame is darkened for 60fps(1 second) while the left frame stays the same and vice versa for the left frame. The effect that these glasses are trying to create is a more realistic depth by contrasting the two frames darkness. This tricks your eyes into thinking there is more depth in the game while nothing has actually changed via the game. By doing the following over and over the depth of the game you are playing will become more realistic. By creating a more realistic depth you feel that the game is much more realistic when this is implemented correctly. This is not an extremely detailed description but hopefully helps you understand what these glasses are and why they could become big in the future. What I'm trying to say is that hopefully I gave you a better understanding of this technology.

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